Fixtures 2020

This fixture list has already been affected due to the corona virus situation.  The Works League matches have been suspended and it is likely that no matches will take place.

This list is a complete fixture list for the 2020 Summe season as it was announced.  The different leagues are colour coded.  Any matches that have to be re-arranged due to weather will be updated on this page as soon as a new date is known for the match..

The Works League consists of just one division in 2020. The first round of matches to the end of June will establish a league position for the seven teams and then the second half will be a play off between teams finishing 1-4 and a play off for those finishing 5-7.  The exact teams and fixtures for July 8th, 15th and 19th will be updated when known. There will be knock out cup round(s) as well on June 10th, July 29th with the final on the 12th August.  When details are available the list will be updated.

All the S & D LTA fixtures and results can be accessed by going to: